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  1. Port Stanley for the day

    17 Jul 2016

    Photos of me courtesy of Victoria. Half a pie recipe (the other half was left at home for easier transportation purposes) via  Chez Mazilique.

  2. Pavlova cake & friends

    04 Jul 2016

    I made the base of the cake using this recipe. The cream was a lemon curd recipe by Jamie Oliver. Feel free to get creative with the toppings. Any fruits will do!

  3. Chocolate Biscotii we go nuts for

    28 Jun 2016

    INGREDIENTS Enough for approximately 50 biscotti 200g flour150g sugar60g cacao (or less depending on how intense you want the flavour to be) 60g chocolate pieces/chips1 tbs baking powder1 tbs vanilla extract1/2 salt3 beaten eggs100g cashews/ almonds or hazelnuts (or more) Heat your oven at  180 degrees. Mix the flour, sugar,…

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