visual journal

  1. Criopia Designs

    30 Jun 2016
    This past weekend I had the opportunity to photograph two fun ladies dressed by one talented friend. Cristina your work is beautiful!

  2. Makeup Play Time

    29 Jun 2016
    Because sometimes I am a makeup artist too. And so are my friends, Nancy and Deborah!  Below the before and after photos of our ‘clients’!  She was all mine! If you need mine/our makeup services, book us! :) 

  3. Chocolate Biscotii we go nuts for

    28 Jun 2016
    INGREDIENTS Enough for approximately 50 biscotti 200g flour150g sugar60g cacao (or less depending on how intense you want the flavour to be) 60g chocolate pieces/chips1 tbs baking powder1 tbs vanilla extract1/2 salt3 beaten eggs100g cashews/ almonds or hazelnuts (or more) Heat your oven at  180 degrees. Mix the flour, sugar,…

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